BASilar artery International Cooperation Study (BASICS) trial


Last updated: 12-12-2019

300 patients randomized, BASICS trial closed!

The 6th of December patient #300 was randomized in Fortaleza, Brazil!

The last inclusion we needed for trial completion! As of this day, patients

can no longer be randomized.

We would like to thank everyone involved: neurologists, residents and trial nurses for their

contribution to the BASICS trial.

The coming months will be all about completing the missing data, 3 month follow-up data, the imaging and screening logs. We would therefore like to urge everyone to please send us the patient data with follow-up and imaging as complete as can possibly be. The screening logs of patients are of utmost importance as the will give vital information on the generalizability of the trial results.

If you encounter any issues when delivering the patient data or imaging files, please let us know.

We are expecting to be able to present the BASICS trial results at the ESOC in Vienna.

Thank you again for all your effort for the BASICS trial.

Kind regards,

Lucianne Langezaal and Wouter Schonewille

On behalf of the BASICS executive committee